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Dawn Chorus Day 2024

Sunday 5th May was Dawn Chorus Day. How was yours?

Here in Pembrokeshire we had a cloudier day after a stunning sunny

Saturday (then a perfect Bank Holiday Monday), but the campers noted

plenty of birdsong from the camping grounds, the meadow and also within 

our own woodland “Granny’s Wood”. And not just a dawn chorus, but

throughout the day.

The RSPB tell us that the dawn chorus is a symphony of song performed

by birds looking for love and to defend their patch. It’s usually loudest in

the morning when the light is lower and the air is still, allowing the sound

to carry further.

Our regular entertainers include robins, blackbirds, wrens, warblers,

sparrows, cha0nches, blue and great tits, with more gold1nches also

being seen and heard recently.

From Quarry Park we can also see buzzards and red kite, with one buzzard 

spending time in the trees right by our approach lane, and often swooping 

along the lane to lead the way to our entrance.

We don’t think there’s a much better sensation than lying under canvas,

hearing the local birds give us their best.

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