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Preparing for 2020

As the end of 2019 approaches and we have officially passed the 'shortest day of the year' we start thinking about the spring and summer and our preparations for the campsite. The new indoor toilet / shower block will be finished and ready to go for Easter. New picnic benches in the undercover picnic and wash-up area will make this complete, and give the reassurance of some covered space if the weather isn't quite perfect.

We've got some sheep 'on tack' from a local farmer to keep the grass down over the winter, and give them some much needed winter nutrition. The vegetable beds in the garden have been weeded, turned over and put to bed ready for the spring - I can't wait to get some seeds planted in the greenhouse too, but it's not quite warm enough for that yet. The dogs have walked me round the Hatchet Field to check the boundaries. Still mild enough for evidence of wildlife in the hedgerows, though not much greenery as yet. A brace of pheasants zipped off from the middle of the field as we approached.

Even in winter the Pembrokeshire countryside is inspiring.

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