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The beautiful and bountiful blackthorn, and one of our most popular pitches

The hedgerows around our Pembrokeshire campsite and surrounding lanes suddenly become speckled with white blossom through March and April.  And the name of the tree that carries this wispy white blossom?  The BLACKthorn!

Named for its dark bark and twigs, the delicate flowers are in contrast to its harsh thorns, and it can be identified apart from similar trees as it’s blossom erupts well before its leaves appear.

In the autumn the branches carry the black beauties we call sloes - a forager’s heaven for sloe gin and jam. Blackthorn wood has been used for walking sticks, tools, witches’ wands and staffs, as well as Irish Shillelaghs.

The blossom is another valuable early source of pollen and nectar for our bees, whilst the foliage feeds the caterpillars of many moths.  Nesting birds love the density and security of a blackthorn tree.

Our Blackthorn Pitch is one of our most popular pitches, sitting in its own private corner of the east / south facing meadow, with a separate entrance close by, allowing easy access and parking right alongside the pitch.  With it’s beautiful views towards Canaston Woods and the ridges of south Pembrokeshire, it’s secluded peaceful feel plus dark skies for star-gazing, our visitors always love this pitch.

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