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The Northern Lights from southwest Wales!

Who need fancy cruises or expensive flights, when you get that once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the amazing Aurora Borealis from our little corner of the UK?

What a surprise we had when we realised the forecast was going to be in our favour, and the edges of the northern sky started to look a little cloudy and misty at about 11pm. Then we noticed that we could still the stars through this "cloud" and got our cameras out to find the lights were clearly visible, firstly in green, then in pinks and blues.

Over the next 2 hours we could see various wisps and bouncing rays as the lights moved around the sky. Although the colours could only be seen through our phone cameras, the movement could clearly be seen by the naked eye. No filter needed, just the usual 3 second night exposure.

We happened to have a large group of Girl Guides and their leaders camping with us over the weekend, and were able to share the experience with many young people, on a truly magical and memorable night for them.

Once in a lifetime..................................

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