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Well, what more can 2020 bring? Hopefully a great summer holiday........

2020 has been a bit of an odd year to start, but hopefully once the current travel issues are resolved and COVID-19 has settled back down, everyone can start planning their summer breaks. At the present time Pembrokeshire has experienced very low rates of infection, but we are preparing for a rise over the Easter period, and are taking all necessary precautions.

But the downtime is giving us an opportunity to refresh and renew before the summer holiday period, a chance to think more about our site, and to consider the environmental impacts of what we are trying to achieve. The media are reporting such reductions in pollution and increases in wildlife and water clarity in many areas, it makes us realise the cost to the environment of all the traveling abroad that we do. This summer, think about staying in the UK, and getting a bit closer to nature with a camping trip.

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